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making a plan

The partnership begins by meeting with you to gain an understanding of both your current financial situation and financial goals for the future. By understanding the state of your existing finances, we construct a long-term investment plan that still ensures you have the cash available to cover large capital needs – for example, if you have to factor in a down payment on a house or a child’s college tuition. After this thorough review, we invest your available capital with the goal of maximizing returns in the long-run.

limiting risk

As tongue-in-cheek as it may sound, our sincere view is that the best way to grow money over the long-term is, firstly, to not lose it. While our goal is to maximize returns in the long-run, we are also careful to do so in a way that protects against downside risk. We do this by looking for quality investments with strong business fundamentals, so that even in times of economic stress we can try to avoid permanent losses of capital.

long-term success

We are passionate about being disciplined and patient with our investment decisions. We position our investments such that we act only when there is an overwhelmingly lucrative opportunity – put simply, we not only invest in great businesses but also look to time these investments so that we are getting a great price. Overall, we prefer to invest in highly profitable businesses with world-class management teams and let the benefits of compounding grow your investment over time. It’s a simple strategy, but one that is proven to drive outstanding results when executed with energy, intelligence, and discipline.